Private Jet Charter - Ceres Organization

In private jet charter service, Ceres is with you with all of it's VIP privileged services.

Chartering a private jet or chartering a private plane is the ideal management for business people or senior executives to quickly catch up with their busy work schedules or the entertainment they will attend. For this reason, professionals receive private jet charter services from us as VIP services in a privileged way and experience the organizations they want to realize with their advantages.

In Which Situations Private Jets Can Be Chartered?

Private jet charter operations are one of the most comfortable and luxurious ways of transporting individuals or groups in the fastest way. For this reason, you can make the flights you need 24/7 from economy class or business class cabins, and also you can make local or national flights.


Are there any rules for chartering a private jet?

There is no special rule. When general information is given - for example, how many people will take the flight, how many suitcases, etc. - is enough to fly comfortably.

Do private jets offer catering?

On flights with hostess service or on VIP flights, catering is served according to the service packages you have purchased. Package contents can be changed according to the wishes of the passengers.

Do private jets have any hours?

There is no time frame. Flights in private jets are arranged according to your schedule. Therefore, there is no set time for the flights.